Types of Top Attachments

Open Top Attachment for FIBC Bags
Open Top – 

The bag does not come with an inlet closure, best suitable for products like sand, stones, and building materials as these materials do not require protection from weather conditions. Open-top bags are ideal for both manual and automation filling.

Spout Top Attachment for FIBC Bag
Spout Top- 

The spout top comes with PP strings to close and seal the opening. Spouts are ideal for automated plants where hoppers are used for filling, and the product loss is controlled by attaching the spouts to hoppers. The most common size is 14″ x18″/35cm x 50cms.

Skirt Top Attachment For Fibc Bag
Skirt / Duffle Top-  

The extra piece of fabric is attached and sewed to the Top of the bag, which comes with PP tie strings to close the bag’s opening. It protects the product from weather conditions and external contaminations, making it an ideal choice for non-automated packaging operations.

Flap Top Attachment for FIBC Bag
Flap Top

The flap top is a lid (a piece of PP fabric) sewn on one side of the bag and can be closed with binding tie strings on the other end of the bag, it provides mild protection to the material filled inside the bag.

Spout Flap Top Attachment for Fibc Bag
Spout top with Flap-

This option is a combination of Flap Top and Spout Top, which adds extra protection to the bag.

Conical Spout Top Attachment for FIBC Bag
Conical Spout Top 

This option comes with a spout for filling, the Cone-Shaped Top allows maximum utilization of the space in the bag.

Types of Bottom Attachments:-

Flat Bottom Attachment for FIBC Bag
Flat Bottom

Flat bottom closure does not have any additional closure attached to the bottom of the bag, the product is emptied by cutting the bottom with a sharp object. This option is used mainly in the Construction and Mining industries.

Spout Bottom Attachment for FIBC Bag
Spout Bottom

A spout is attached at the center of the bottom, and the diameter of the spout controls product outflow. The diameter could be anywhere between 25cms to 50cms, depending upon the length and the width of the bag’s bottom. The spout’s length is usually double of the spout’s diameter and can be customized to the user’s requirements

Spout Bottom with Skirt and Flap Closure Attachment
Full Open Dump 

The skirt is made of heavy fabric that replaces the bag’s bottom. A good practice is to use skirts with a protective flap to provide extra protection to the bag, the bags are used to extract the product all at once or for the products that are hard to discharge through spouts.

Spout Bottom with Iris Closure Attachment
Spout With Iris Closure

It acts as a discharge valve suitable to control the product outflow by chocking the neck of the spout

Spout Bottom with Petal Closure Attachment
Spout With Petal Closure

The added feature to the spout is to hold and protect the spout closure, helps to minimize the bulging and prevents contamination.

Conical Spout Bottom Attachment for FIBC Bag
Conical Spout Bottom

The conical Bottom is used to extract the extra accumulated product in the corners of FIBC bags. The tapered conical bottom ensures an easy outflow of the material.gh spouts.

Other Important Discharge Features

Folding- Goose Neck or Swan Neck

Accessories- B-Lock, braided Rope with Pipe

Extra protection- Iris or Petal Closure 

Remote Discharge- It is used with a combination of two B-Locks with a long cord to discharge the product from a safe distance remotely.

Types of Lifting Option:-


The loops can be made with Polypropylene and Multifilament (seat belt material).

Four Corner Loops Lifting Option in-FIBC Bag
Corner Loops- 

Corner loops are sewn on all four corners of the bag, the forks use the loops to transport/ lift the load. The most standard size is 10 Inches or 25cms.

Cross Corner Loops Lifting Option in-FIBC Bag
Cross Corner Loops- 

Cross corner loops are sewn on eight reinforced patches of the bag, the loops provide a larger opening to lift the bulk bags. The loops are sewn on Circular, Baffle, and U Panel bags on reinforced strips on the bags’ panels.

Tunnel Corner Loops Lifting Option in-FIBC Bag
Tunnel Lifts- 

The Tunnels are made of the body fabric of the bag itself, the tunnel lift loops are used for easy lifting of the FIBC bags.

Topple Lift Loops Attachment FIBC Bag
Bag Topple loops for easy roll over- 

These are optional loops sewn at the bottom of the bag to enable easier emptying of the bag.

Stevedore Straps Attachment for FIBC Bag
Single/Double/Loop-On-Loop Stevedore Straps – 

These supporting loops are specially designed to handle the bags in many ways, such as- Single Stevedore Pulling through the loops at the corners to connect them for lifting, wherein Double Stevedores connect the loops on each side parallelly and the third type is, four supporting loops connected on each loop of the bag separately.

One Loop Two Loop Attachment for FIBC Bag
1 and 2 loops- 

These loops are entirely made of the body fabric of the bag itself, which is extended to form a loop-like shape, these loops are reinforced with an added piece of fabric.