Safety Work Load

SWL is the amount of load a bag is designed to carry. The range starts from 500kgs and could go up to 2200kgs. The most popular ones are 1000kg, 1250kg, and 1500kg bags.

Safety Factors-

The available safety factor options are:- 5:1 or Single Trip Bag, 6:1 or 8:1

It is an industry-standard requiring the FIBC to handle five or six times of its Safe Working Load (SWL), generally written as a ratio, “5:1 or 6:1 SF,” and in some cases, the safety ratio could be extended to 8:1.

5:1 – Single-use or one-way safety is meant for a one-time use of the FIBC bag.

6:1- Multi-Trip safety factors enable the bags to be used more than once, it is highly recommended to inspect the bags on each trip physically.

8:1 – The bag cost can go exorbitantly high when a bag is rated 8:1. The bag is made with the highest standards and robustness that allows the users to use the bag N number of times. Still, we advise the bag users to examine the bag for ruptures and loose seams physically.

safety work load