Big Pack Global can supply Mulch Films made of High Strength LLDPE and LDPE material. The mulching technique adds a layer to the soil’s surface around the plant with plastic film to conserve the soil moisture that regulates soil temperature, suppresses weed growth, and prevents water loss through evaporation.
We can supply Mulch film with various colors and thicknesses based on the type of crop, weather conditions, and lifecycle of the product. Here are some examples of the different Mulches – Black – Black, Silver – Black, Red – Black, Yellow – Black, and White – Black.

Features of Mulching Film:

  • Fumigation Keeps the soil intact
  • Single/double color and UV stabilized
  • Reflective non-embosses for extra strength
  • Reduces escape of air, fertilizer leaching, and soil compaction

Advantages of Mulching Film

  • Restricts Weed Growth
  • Prevents Soil Erosion by Rain and Wind
  • Increases heat retention and moisture in the soil
  • Modifies soil temperatures and enhances soil structure and the quality of produce