WholeSale Suppliers of Leno Mesh Bags from India

Big Pack Global is wholesale supplier of offers of Leno Mesh Bags from India. We offer wide range of Leno Mesh bags with different mesh options, color options, and highly customized bags. The Leno mesh bags are made from open weaved virgin Polypropylene fabric, the unique weaving of the fabric ensures an ample amount of air circulation systematically in the Leno Mesh Bag.  The bag keeps the product fresh for a longer time. We supply the bags in line with the US FDA regulations for packing and transportation items.

The bags are an ideal packaging option for Onions, Garlic, Potatoes, Oranges, Pineapples, Groundnuts, Areca Nuts, and Firewood. 

We can work with low quantities, please email us for more details.

Key Feature of Leno Mesh Bags:-

  • Highly Customizable to customer’s unique requirements
  • We offer bags with Draw Tapes, tie string closures.
  • Single seam or Overlock-Chain stitching for mouth sewing
  • Bags are available in a wide range of colors with UV protected fabric
  • Bags can be printed up to 4 colors with white bands.
  • 5-6 Weeks standard lead time for various sizes ranging from 12 inches to 80 inches in width and with any length per customer’s requirements.

Advantages of Leno Mesh Bags:-

  • Economical, lightweight, and durable packaging option.
  • Resistant to humid and moisture
  • Prevents fungal growth in the packed food
  • Prevention from sweating/rotting of fresh agriculture produce due to excellent aeration of the bag
  • Safe and hygienic packaging for consumables, horticulture products, and perishables.