Bag Hygiene Options:-

Standard FIBC Bags- 

Standard FIBC/Jumbo Bags are the most cost-efficient FIBC bags. These bags are used widely in industries like Mining or Construction Industry, and the bags are produced with the same safety standards as ISO 21898:2004. The bags are capable of carrying loads up to 2200 kgs. These bags are produced with standard grade polypropylene, and they are primarily used for gravel, aggregates, sand, stone, and in the construction Industry. These bags are also known as Builder Bags, One-Ton Bags, Aggregate Bags, Dumpster Bags, Skip bags, etc.


Industrial Clean Room FIBC Bags:- 

Clean room FIBC bags are produced in a clean industrial environment, the bags go through additional quality checks such as light table inspection, metal detection, and Air Blowing. The bags can also have heat-cut hemmed or ultrasonically sealed edges. The production of cleanroom bags is done in a clean and hygienic environment, allowing the bags to be free of any debris or contamination from the outer or inner layers. The bags are ideal for packaging operations where fibers, hairs, threads, dust particles could be an issue.

Food Grade FIBC Bags:-

Food grade FIBCs are safe for direct contact food packaging, the bulk bags are made with food-grade raw materials, and the facilities we work with are food-grade certified. The units are being audited by the authorities periodically.

We can Supply Bags under the following certifications:-

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) 
  • Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) 
  • Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC) 
  • International Featured Standards (IFS) 
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Process (HACCP)