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We are into contract manufacturing for FIBC Bags, PP Bags and all the other products are sourced through our channel partners.

It starts with Inquiry, understanding the requirement (Technical details)- Pricing-Samples-Order

Every order is processed under the ISO21898 guidelines. We inspect the entire process starting from fabrication till the bags are ready to leave the manufacturing plant.

The lead times are subject to bag design, the volume of the order, and availability. We aim to ship the orders within 5 weeks. The purchase orders are booked with firm delivery dates as we understand how important it is to have the bags’ available when our customers need them.

Our customers are more than welcome to visit the production facilities.

We believe in long-term relationships, and our customers know that. Every detail is shared with the customer. Our customers get updates, including pictures, videos, and the exact order status, in a timely fashioned manner.