Addons On Fibc bags

Types of Liners

Liners are an essential part of the packaging process, the liners are used to create a barrier between the FIBC bag and the product that is to be shipped/filled inside the bag. The liners also help to protect the material contamination and moisture. Multiple liner options are available depending upon the nature/properties of the product shipped in the FIBC bags. The liners could also be made based on specific requirements such as FOOD Grade liners, Conductive liners, or Heat Resistant liners.

PE Liners
P.E. Liners:- 

P.E. liners are made with LDPE granules and are the most commonly used liners in the FIBC industry. These liners can be made in different shapes and sizes and range from 50 microns to 150 microns.

Aluminium Liner
Aluminum Foil Liners:- 

Aluminum or Foil liners, one of the most stable liners known to provide U.V. protection, are moisture resistant and allow oxygen to flow in. These liners can be customized to the user’s requirements.

Conductive Liners
Conductive Liners:- 

These liners are used for the safe transportation of conductive products. There are three types of conductive liners:-

L1 Liners- Made of P.P. and has a conductive film around it.
L2 Liners- Made of P.E. film and has an anti-static film around it.
L3 Liners- Made of conductive P.E. film

Different Shapes of liners:-

Printing on FIBC Bags:-

Customers may request a print on the fibs bags to print the company logo and name, instructions for users, warning signs, recycling signs, etc. We can print up to 4 colors on each side of the bag, and the printing can be on all four sides of the bag. We use food-safe and light-fast UV ink to protect the print if the bags are exposed to sunlight; however, we request our customers to mention that on the inquiry stage itself.

Roll to Roll Printer FIBC Machine

Customized Design Options

FIBC with Perimeter Band

Perimeter Band

A perimeter band is sewn at the top of the FIBC bag that gives it extra strength when it is lifted and helps the bag maintain its shape.

FIBC with Belly Band

Belly Bands

A customer can request multiple belly bands on an FIBC bag, the primary function of a belly band is to keep and the bag in shape and stop it from bulging.

Dust Proof FIBC Bags

Dust Proof or Sift Proof Sewing Options

The type of dust-proofing in an FIBC bag depends upon the type of material that is to be filled inside the bag, we can provide the following three options for dust proofing:

Double Chain Stitch

Single Sift Proofing

Double Dust Proof

Double Sift Proofing

Triple Dust Proof

Triple Sift Proofing

Bag stitching Options-

We provide the following stitching options:-

Double Chain Stitch

Double Stitch

Heracle Plus Chain Stitch

Heracle plus chain Stitch

Document Pouches

Document Pouches

are entirely optional, and they are sewn at the top of the bag or on side seams in some cases. Document pouches could be horizontal or vertical and come in all the standard sizes, such as A4 and A5.


The most commonly used document pouches are-