Big Pack Global is built on four basic business principles, Quality, Service, Respect, and Honesty. Big Pack Global is the name you can trust when sourcing from the Indian sub-continent. Our director has over a decade long experience in the packaging industry. He has worked with major FIBC and plasticulture manufacturers as an international Marketing Manager in India. He has also worked for over three and half years in the USA for the South West region, representing Mexico-based FIBC company’s interests.

Having worked with both sides of the industry, we realized that there are big communication and trust gaps between suppliers and buyers that leave both the parties vulnerable to so many unknown problems and often result in disputes and claims. Keeping that in mind, we started this company primarily to protect the vast interests of buyers from unforeseen scenarios such as faulty product, poor quality, heavily delayed shipments, product supplied with incorrect specifications, etc. 


Big Pack Global is into the manufacturing, procurement, and exports of FIBC Bags aka Super Sacks, Bulk Bags or Jumbo Bags, and PP Bags, BOPP Bags, container liners, Shade Nets, Mulch Films, Tarpaulins. Our company is one of the prime sources for procuring great quality and cost-competitive products from the Indian market, and MOST OF ALL we are trusted and loved by our clients.


Our production facilities are strategically located in India which gives us the advantage over our competitors. We have your back at all times and no more excuses for delayed shipments or faulty bags. we are currently supplying to the USA, Canada, Peru, Chile, Brazil, the U.K., Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Egypt, Germany, France, Israel, and the UAE markets.

Our Vision

To be the finest and become the industry’s reliable market leaders and excel as a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Our Mission

To value our customers and create bonds that last forever and meet customers’ requirements by supplying great quality products that are worth every penny.

Our Market's

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